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Post by Neo Enigma on Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:07 pm

Now, let's see here... *Takes off his top hat, and reaches into it, his whole arm slipping in and rummaging about* First we need who I am... *Whips out a poster with me standing ona rock with a patriotic pose, fighter jets blasting past with the words "Kyle for Prez!" on it.*

And then we need some interests of mine... *Throws a few random objects into the air, as they come down, they're revealed to be a joystick, a megaphone and a black crystal that Mr. Fat Man will recognize.*

And finally... the pizzazz! The sparkle, sparkle! The fun! *The entire area starts exploding with fireworks, a brass band begins playing, and some a bear rides across a tightrope on a unicycle juggling chainsaws* Hello folks! I'm KtE, Kyle the Enigma, warden of fun, excitement and self-proclaimed KING of roleplaying! *A huge anus snake blasts past, with two guys on top kung-fu fighting a horde of crocodiles with jetpacks*

Prepare to be amazed, fellow forumites! For the show is about to begin!
Neo Enigma
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The Mystery

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Re: Ohai

Post by Fatehehhhh on Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:11 pm

Ah, I remember that RP battle. Nice reference, btw. Just remember to follow the rules, but I'm sure that you will. Because you always follow rules. Razz
Admin A' Nature
Admin A' Nature

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