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Barney's Burgers (The Sadistic Killer)

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Barney's Burgers (The Sadistic Killer)

Post by Zombi3 g0 RAWR on Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:44 pm

Barney's Burgers

You work in a mall, or a patron shopping late. Most of the shop employees have gone home for the night, and theres only one, two or three employees left in the store. The mall is about to close in a few minutes. At Barney's Burgers, the mascot, a clown by the name of Barney is working. The manager of Barney's Burger is talking to him in the kitchen, when suddenly the clown pushes him into the deep fat fryer. The clown known as 'Barney' goes on a killing rampage, and the mall goes into lock down. Nothing can get in, and nothing can get out.


*No godmodding! No one likes it.
*No sexual content.
*This is semi literate. Please post 4-5 sentences per-post.
*Try to spell correctly, and for the love god, capitalize when appropriate.
*Talk in third person only.
*Respect other role players.
*Talk in brackets for OOC (Out Of Character) chat.
*Romance is fine, but like said earlier, no sexual content.
*Please post your character picture and name with every post so we can identify you.
*Send all profiles to me titled "I Just Work Here!" For employees and "Whats going on?!" For patrons.
*Do not post until I have accepted you.
*Follow the forum rules.
*Have Fun

Profile Skeletons

[color:e528= CHOOSE COLOR]Username:
Name: (Your Character's name; First and Last)
Age: (How old your character is)
Likes: (What your character likes)
Dislikes: (What your character dislikes)
Personality: (What your character is like)
Bio: (A small bio; three sentences minimum)
Shop: (Where you work in the mall; IGNORE IF YOUR A SHOPPER)
Appearance: (Anime Only)

Accepted Profiles

Username: Kagurome
Name: Mae Reynold
Age: 18
Likes: Rain, nighttime, walking, the quiet
Dislikes: Needles, loud noises, large crowds, spicy food
Personality: Quiet, confident, loyal, kind
Mae lives a normal life. She lives in a small apartment and works at
Barney's Burgers. Mae always thought her life was normal and dull, but
has just learned to deal with.
Shop: Barney's Burgers
Appearance: Mae Reynold


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