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Post by Neo Enigma on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:37 pm

So, I've decided to do two things, A. Return to the second game I have ever played, and B. Do a HARD-CORE, BALLS-TO-THE-WALL, INTENSE, CRAZY CHALLENGE. So, I've doing a NuzLocke run of Pokemon Yellow, and convert my attempt into a fan-fic.

1. If a Pokemon faints, it DIES. It must be released immediately.
2. If all Pokemon faint, it's Game Over, and you must start over.
3. If a Pokemon faints, and it has not yet been released, you cannot use any HM moves, as well as Teleport or Dig.
4. You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a field/cave/dungeon, if it gets away, you kill it, or it's not the one you want, tough sh*t.
5. No items allowed. This does not apply to TMs, HMs, or Key Items. (Like the Bike.)


Part 1: A New Dawn!

Pallet Town

I woke up in what I assume to be my bedroom. Oh wait, this is a Fan-Fic... no OOC comments... ah well.

I woke up in my bedroom, and immediately wasted a good hour on my SNES. Star Fox was the sh*t...

Anyway, I went downstairs, walked past my deadbeat mom, and stepped out into the central square of Pallet Town. As the name suggests, it was a small town, with only a few houses and shops. In the center of town was a large building, which I can only assume is City Hall. Oh, right, we moved here a few weeks ago. My parents had a big fight over money and... well... we're apart now. My dad stayed in Johto.

Anyway, I walked around the square, the smell of freshly cut grass and sea salt lingering in the air. The edge of town lead out to the ocean, where nothing but a small volcano island puffed away in the distance. The only other way out of town was a small path, so I headed in that direction.

As I stepped into the grass, this old guy ran up to me yelling about the grass.
"Hey! Wild Pokemon hide in tall grass! It's dangerous to go alone!"
"So? They're just like... fish and cows, right?"
"Oh no, they're very unique. Some are small, some are large, some are fast and some are strong."
"Right... well, I'll watch out for them."
"Pika?" I turned around with a jolt, to see a... yellow mouse.... it had a lightning bolt shaped tail and red cheeks. It was looking at us with it's head leaned to the side, intrigued.
"That's a Pikachu, a very rare Pokemon." The mou- ... Pikachu, now looked much more curious, hearing us talking about it.
"... it looks like a discolored rat."
"Don't be fooled! It's an Electric-type, and those cheeks can store huge amounts of electricity! So even despite it's weak appearance, it's quite powerful!"
"... Piiiii." It was on all fours now, giving a low growl. It was annoyed now, being talked about so negatively.
"... that thing won't give me rabies if it bites me, will it?"
"If a Pikachu attacks you, disease will be the least of your worries."
"Pipi-piiii!" The Pikachu jumped forward, teeth barred.

A Shocking Encounter!

The Pikachu stared us down, teeth barred and cheeks sparking with electricity now and then.
"Oh, now you've done it. Don't worry, I'll handle this." The old man stepped forward, returning the Pikachu's stare.
"... chu?"
"Now!" Moving with surprising speed, the old guy took out a red and white ball, and threw it at the Pikachu. As it hit, Pikachu turned into a red light, and went into the ball. ... no seriously, it turned into a fawking light and flew into the ball. Old Man caught Pikachu!

Pallet Town

"Wow... nice job, uhhh...."
"I'm Prof. Oak. And thank you. I was quite the Trainer in my day, I even took on the Elite Four."
"The Elite Four?"
"The best trainers in the Kanto Region."
"So, since you're up and about, I assume you'll want a Pokemon of your own?"
"... well, yeah, are you offering...?"
"Of course, I'm too old to be adventuring nowadays. Come with me to my lab, I have candy and funny stories. =pedo="
"... /proxy2/ Right..." He strode off confidently, putting the ball into his coat. I followed him to the large building in the center of town. Walking in, I saw it was a lab. Aides in white coats and book cases were scattered about, and in the back was a computer and a table with another white and red ball on it. I followed him to the back section of the lab, where there was another kid my age. He had spiky brown hair, had a navy blue shirt and dark jeans.
"Yo, Gramps! When am I gonna get my Pokemon?"
"Azure? What are you doing here? I was going to give you a Pokemon later..."
"Uhh...." I shuffled around nervously, uncomfortable butting in on this grandson and grandfather dispute.
"Oh, Azure, this is...."
"Mirage, we took on a Pikachu just now."
"Great, wonderful, can I get a Pokemon?"
"Later. Now, Mirage, do you see that Pokeball on the table? I want you to have it. Inside is a Pokemon for you to adventure with."
"Uh, wow, thanks Prof. Oak." I walked over to the table, and reached towards the Pokeball. Just as I was about to grab it, I was shoved out of the way and into the wall.
"No way! This Pokemon is mine!" I whipped around, furious, to see Azure holding the Pokeball over his head triumphantly.
"Oh, Azure, I was going to give you one later... Mirage, come here." I walked over to him, giving Azure a nasty look as I passed.
"Here, take this Pokeball instead." He put the ball in my hands, still talking.
"Inside this Pokeball is the Pikachu we met earlier. A Pikachu is a very powerful Pokemon, so make sure you put it to good use."
"Okay... Thanks Prof. Oak."
"Don't mention it." I began walking out, when that prick Azure came up.
"Yo! Mirage! Let's test out our new Pokemon! I challenge you to a battle!"
"What? Right now?"
"Yeah, unless you're too scared."
"... bring it on!" I threw the ball, still in my hand, between me and Azure, he doing the same.

A Rivalry is Born!

Pikachu popped out of the ball, shaking it's head and sneezing. Azure's Pokemon looked like a gray... fox thing. It let out an odd cry that sounded like a synth machine... Prof. Oak looked over as he heard the commotion, and sighed.
"Oh, Azure, you never know when to stop... Mirage, you've never been in a Pokemon battle, have you? The rules are simple, two Trainers send their Pokemon out until either Trainer has all of their Pokemon unconscious, or unable to fight."
"Right... Pikachu's an electric type so.... Zap Azure's Pokemon with electricity!" I looked at Pikachu, who quickly turned away with a huff and crossed its arms.
"... uh..."
"Ha! Your Pokemon won't even listen to you! Eevee! Use Tackle!"
"Vee!" Azure's fox thi- Eevee, ran forward, making a beeline for Pikachu. As it got near, it leaped, and smashed into Pikachu with it's skull.
"Kaaaaah!" Pikachu cried out as it skidded across the floor, obviously in pain.
"Listen, Pikachu. We may not have gotten off on the right foot, but... if you don't fight, you're going to get wrecked!" The Pikachu laid on the ground for a bit, and then stood up, still not looking at me. It rose it's hands into the air.
"Huh? What's it doing?" Azure looked on in confusion, apparently unaware of Pikachu's abilities.
"Kaaaaaa...." It dropped it's arms down, it's little fists clenched at the side of it's face. Little sparks danced between its hands and cheeks.
"Eevee! Tackle it before it does... whatever it is it's doing!"
"Vee!" The Eevee bounded forward again, dashing over the wooden floor.
"Chuuuuu!" As the Eevee closed in to strike, the Pikachu threw it's arms down, releasing bolts of electricity from it's cheeks. The bolts struck Eevee, who crumpled in midair, shaking violently as the current raced through its body.
"Noooo! I picked the wrong Pokemon!" With a frown, Azure held his ball up, causing the Eevee to turn into a red light and flit into the ball. Trainer Mirage won the battle!

Pallet Town

"I'll make my Pokemon stronger, and then I'll beat you! I swear it! Smell ya later, losers!" Azure stormed out, causing the aides watching the fight to let out a collective sigh of relief. Prof. Oak walked up, a big smile on his face.
"Good job, Mirage. You won you're first Pokemon Battle."
"Oh, it was nothing... literally. ._."
"I expect great things from you, Mirage. From you and your Pikachu."
"You mean, like.... the Elite Four?"
"Of course. But before you take them on, you need to register in the Indigo League. Go to Viridian City, and then the League Admission building. They'll explain the rest there."
"But first, you should return that Pikachu of yours. Pokemon are much safer in their Pokeballs, and they can still hear everything going on."
"Okay..." I aimed the ball at Pikachu, who quickly turned away again, arms crossed.
"Return?" Nothing...
"... uh, rescind. Retreat. Come back. Run. Withdraw... It's not working."
"Hmm... Perhaps Pikachu doesn't like being in a Pokeball. Some Pokemon are known to prefer not to be in their Pokeballs. In fact, it's been proven that being outside the ball is great exercise. It's good for bonding too."
"Alright, so I guess he's going on foot from now on."
"One more thing. Some Trainers decide to name their Pokemon. Is there anything in particular you'd like to call Pikachu?" Pikachu's ear twitched up, wanting to hear what it would be called from now on.
"Hmm..." I thought long and hard about this... If it was too cheesy, I'd sound like a weirdo, and Pikachu would probably vent it's frustration on my face...
"How about... Volt?" Pikachu turned it's head long enough to nod slowly, before shunning us again.
"I'll take that as a yes."
"Excellent. Volt the Pikachu and Mirage the Pokemon Trainer. You'll be a great team."
"Alright then, thanks for everything, Prof. Oak. I'll drop by if I'm ever around. C'mon, Pika... Volt." I walked to the door, waiting for Volt. He walked up reluctantly, arms still crossed.
"You're going to be like that the whole way, aren't you?"
"I don't know what that means..."
"..." He walked under my arm as I opened the door, and already, I know this would be a bumpy ride.

~~~ Part 1 ~ End~


Volt ~ Pikachu ~ Level 6

Moves: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip
Mood: Hatred

Location: Pallet Town

And so ends the first part of the run. For those of you playing at home, I can't catch anything on Route 1, why? Because Volt was found there. Also, those of you who are tactician's will know that I'll want a Mankey or a Butterfree to take down Brock. Let's see what the cards have in store, eh?
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