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Post by Japan Rose on Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:20 am

Hi! Im japan rose, friend of fat kid, and super awsome ninja. Im a super awsome ninja-of-death-flying-magical-person-who-is epic
and decided to join this forum! YAY! Im just introducing myself here so If you dont like introductions, then you dont like this post. Very Happy
Anyway, i like to be random, and talk to other people. If you like to read, like video games, or just wanna talk, im the one that you want to talk to.
Anywho, I might post some news, here and there,30%. Or i might be wierd, Or whatever. Probably.
So, This is taking me forever to finish, so Hi!
Japan Rose
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Active Contributor

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Character Name: jessidia
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Abilities: skilled ninja and assassin, magic

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